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Top Quality Boards

Coastal Tailgating provides custom Cornhole sales and rentals across the Grand Strand!


Coastal Tailgating’s boards are made with cabinet-quality Birch and Pine. This is a very high quality wood to reflect a great product. The rental boards are also the same grade.

The frame is built with the American Cornhole Association regulation standard 1/2 inch Birch finish (no knots, tears, etc.). All game boards are professionally fastened and all holes are filled.

Each board is then primed and painted with 3-4 coats of exterior grade paint; followed by several coats of a high-grade polyurethane. All of our boards are finished with an HVLP sprayer to insure a smooth finish all around.

Each board set is also routered. This means that the corners are not jagged or cornered. They have a “furniture” type look.

We take pride in our carpentry work, and love what we do! Each set also has detailed work on the legs.

About the Bags

  • Coastal Tailgating Cornhole Bag Color SamplesSize: 6”x 6”
  • Weight: Each bag ACA-approved 16 oz.
  • The bags are made with Thompson Duck Cloth only, unless requested.
  • The thread is nylon upholstery thread, using a double-stitch method
  • 24 colors available, unless custom requested
  • 100% waterproof, easy to clean
  • Custom Logo Bags are available with ANY logo, picture, or monogram

Custom Boards, Company Boards, Stained Boards

Cool Custom Cornhole Boards Maguire Law Cornhole Boards Springmaid Pier

Custom Painted/Stained Boards:
Pricing at $225 w/ Waterproof Bags
Sample images here!

Custom Full Vinyl Wrap Boards / Company Boards:
Pricing at $245 w/ Waterproof Bags
Price includes: Set-up fees and artwork
Logo Design, Sample Proofs, and Build-to-Suit!
Professional samples here!

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