Coastal Tailgating Adds MORE Fun to Cornhole Tournaments!

From now on all of our tournaments will include a “Money Shot” so all players will have a chance to win additional cash!

What is the Money Shot?

  • The Money Shot provides players the opportunity to win additional cash
  • Players must purchase tickets for the chance to be drawn to take the Money Shot

Tickets Are:

  • $2.00 for one (1)
  • $5.00 for three (3)
  • $10.00 for ten (10)

Players must clearly write Name AND Phone Number on back of each ticket! No exceptions!

Player (selected in the drawing) will toss four (4) bags – one at a time – and will be paid out a percentage of the total pot based on the number bags 100% through the hole.

The Payout:

  • 25% 1 in hole
  • 50% 2 in hole
  • 75% 3 in hole
  • 100% 4 in hole

If a player does not throw four (4) bags in the hole and receives less than 100% of the pot, the remaining balance will be rolled over to the next tournament(s).

You know what that means?

The pot will continue to grow until a player sinks all four (4) bags and receives the total amount in the pot!

You can’t afford to miss out on the Money Shot!

(Keep scrolling and learn about Last Man Standing!)

Money Shot

Last Man Standing

Cost: $5.00 to enter

Everyone starts off with eight (8) bags. There may be times when we’ll start off with a different number, like however many people are playing, but we’ll limit the number of bags to eight (8).

How it works:

One by one, players will throw a bag until they get a hole in one.

If a player does not get a bag in the hole, they will be eliminated from the competition. (Bummer, Dude!)

After everyone has a turn, one (1) bag will be taken away. Only seven (7) bags will remain. This will continue on with one (1) bag taken away after every round until there is either:

  • one (1) player that made a hole in one, or
  • if there’s only one (1) bag left.

If there are more than one (1) player who got it in with one (1) bag left, they all will continue to throw that remaining bag until there is only the “Last Man Standing.”

And THAT player will win the WHOLE POT!

So Check Out Our Cornhole Tournament Calendar!

Click this calendar link to see what’s coming up!

We look forward to seeing you at our tournaments and watching the pot grow!

Good luck to all players!

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